Don’t for get your pet.

They need a vacation too!


Can I bring my pet dog or cat with me?

Yes!  Your pets need a vacation too!  All we ask is that you keep them on a leash and pick up after them.  You are responsible to assure that they don’t disturb other guests.

What if I want to have guests visit us?  Is there a fee?

We don’t charge a fee for additional guests who visit you.  Just let us know.  You are responsible for assuring that they are respectful to the property and to other guests. 

Is there a fee for using the boats?

We have “FREE” kayaks, canoes and paddleboats for you to use while you stay with us.  All we ask is that you return them (and the paddles and life jackets) to the place you found them (off the beach) and keep a life jacket with you.  Practice safe boating!

There are birds on the lake that seem so hungry.  Can I feed them?

NEVER FEED THE WILDLIFE!  Birds will become dependent upon people feeding them and not fend for themselves in the wild.  Additionally, Canadian Geese, although nice to look at, are very mean to people and may attack.  Additionally, they cause significant damage to beaches and fields.  Never get near them or feed them!  This is really important.  We’ve spend significant effort trying to keep these wild animals from bothering you or your children.  Please respect that.

Are there any churches nearby that I can attend? 

Northwood and neighboring towns have several denominations of churches.   Look at our website under activities to see if something meets your needs.

Where can I purchase groceries?

There is a local supermarket (Hannaford’s) about 3 miles away.  Additionally, there are a few convenient stores within a half mile for your immediate needs.

Can I have a campfire?

Campfires are allowed in Northwood when conditions are right.  All campfires must occur after 530PM, and be constantly monitored for safety.  If unsure whether conditions allow a fire, ask you host.

Are there any places to go hiking nearby?

Yes.  Northwood is home to a State Park, just one mile away from the Cottages at Harvey Lake.  Additionally, many of our guests hike to the island located on our lake.  

Can I bring my motor boat with me?

Yes.  There is a public boat ramp on the other side of the lake.  Be mindful, however, that New Hampshire Lakes often have unmarked rocks or other hazards.

Are all linens, towels, soaps, dishes, etc. included?

Yes.  Please let us know if you need anything else.
What if I have additional questions?

Your hosts, Nancy and Lee Carver, live adjacent to the cottages and can answer any of your questions.  You can reach us by calling or texting to 603-391-8901 or

Frequently Asked Questions